piel picada

La chica de la bolsa rosa y sus tatuajes caseros.


Mountain mornin
Aromas, ca

Someone smoke me out plis


The Linares family in Mexico City (on the picture, Felipe Linares) is one of the the best known practitioners of a craft known as “cartonería” or the use of papier-mâché to create hard sculptured objects. They have an international reputation for the creation of forms such as skeletons, skulls, Judas figures and fantastical creatures called “alebrijes”.

The family occupies a row of houses on the same street behind the Mercado de Sonora.
The burning of Judas is an Easter-time ritual in many Orthodox and Catholic Christian communities, where an effigy of Judas Iscariot is burned. Other related mistreatments of Judas effigies include hanging and exploding with fireworks.Though not an official part of the Easter liturgical cycle, the custom is typically a part of the reenactment of the story of the Passion that is practiced in Mexico during Easter. 

Soy un pobre pajarito
que por el monte gorjeo
Aunque soy tan pobrecito
Nada del mundo deseo
Yo gozo de lo bonito, de lo bueno y de lo feo

Sí no te cuidas
muy facíl maltratas
las flores que te he regalado
al yo esperar

No guardes tu cariño
para los demás
aquí estoy a tu lado
preguntandomé cuando me tocará

Hermosa flor de aguacate,
centro de mi idolatría
Voy a formarte un combate
lleno de mi artilería
Solo que me maten
chiquita, no seras mía


I’m giving up on love, before love gives up on me.

Georgia Teens Develop App to Document Police Abuse





These 14-year-olds’ parents encouraged them to code at a young age and so they developed a POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY & SELF DOCUMENTATION APP because they are literal geniuses.

“We expect that all parents will want this app for themselves and their kids. We hope it will be one of the must have apps on your mobile devices. Our goal is to make the app available to anyone, anywhere in the United States.” co-developer of Five-O police accountability app, Asha Christian

This makes me hella happy

very excellent

bb’s are geniuses.

every time I go on youtube for a phone problem a 12 year old is giving me solutions SMH.

this is great.