piel picada

Went on a walk with my work kids and explored east side hills near alum rock. It rained this morning and the remaining clouds looked so nice. We came upon a horse looking thing that someone built. Witchcraft lookin shit. Someone told me that some old man builds different things outta sticks every so often. Cool sounding weirdo.

I climbed some trees with the kids, its cool to do stuff with little ones. So much is so new to them, reminds me not to act like some pretentious know it all human, cuz i dont know a lot. The baby’s only been walking for about 4 months, so it was really cool to see him stumble on rocky terrain and find his balance. I felt lucky to witness lil human’s first experiences in his growing body.
Exploring has become our new favorite. I feel lucky.

Anxiety doodles

“Why are there so many sounds in the world?”

—   4 yr old boy i nanny

Te extraño amigo!


Te extraño amigo!

I dont wanna listen to conversations about student politics. Definitely dont wanna listen about mecha.

Fuck all that


This is SO IMPORTANT and I’m glad someone took the time to post there footage. It is important that we document our histories, because this shows that not a lot has changed.

(this is part one part two is here http://youtu.be/hayjaZa8iQ4)

(Source: youtube.com, via thinkanddiethinking)

Bass heavy baby

Looking for housing in san jose

Its a fucking headache. Ridiculously expensive. Mare was telling me that sj is one of a few cities in which its housing prices are hella disproportionate compared to what ppl make because of so much commuting that happens. Folks leaving sj to work, and folks coming into sj from other places to work in the tech industries.

I’ve been looking for rooms on craigslist and the majority of what i find:
*landlords that have weird ‘light cooking/no cooking’ rules. And ‘some living room privileges’. Wtf is that about? How am i gonna live in a place and not be able to cook to feed myself?

*SJSU students looking for ‘chill’ 20 something year olds to rage with. Gross

*Squares and fucking yuppie young professionals that like quiet all the time

*A few creepers who are looking for the right woman to be their companion, free rent is possible

I’m looking at used campers to buy. There are a couple of prospects.


"Si rojo es el color de pasión, bañame en tu menstruación"

Made milk tea with boba with mare this week, bought myself some new hippi sobaco deodorant, had bomb shave ice with mare, made sushi bites with jarana homies last night, spent the nite on the beach, now back in my temp home needing to shower.

Been floating for so long, im kinda tired and just wanna have a place to rest. A place of my own, but gotta be patient cuz that doesnt look like its gonna happen too soon.

I get bummed out from old insecurites, so tired of this shit. Trying to be nice to myself, pero a la misma vez super arta conmigo misma. Dont want to drag old shit into the new, i’ll only end up in all the wrong places.